What are detection rules?

When you file a support request with us, we may send you a small file called a detection rule. This file allows Load Tester to automatically configure fields that are declared in formats that are specific to the application you are testing.

How do I open the detection rule editor?

The shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-u. You can also find the editor under Window -> Preferences -> Web Performance -> Configuration Wizard -> Application State -> Detection Rules.

Where are detection rules stored on my computer?

On Windows, look in:

(your home directory)\WebPerformance\.metadata\.plugins\com.webperformanceinc.util\dfc

How do I import detection rules?

  1. Download the rule to your computer.
  2. Type ctrl-shift-U to bring up the rule editor.
  3. Click "Import" and browse for files.
  4. Import each rule in turn.
  5. Click "Ok"
  6. Web Performance Tester will ask to run the rule(s) against all open testcases, click "Yes." (This can be slow.) Alternately, you can run them on individual testcases by choosing "Options" > "Configure..." > and "Application State..."