When investigating some questions, it is helpful for us to see Load Tester's diagnostic log. When we ask for this, please follow these steps:

  1. Shut down and restart Load Tester - this will clear the log. This is important to ensuring we are working the right problem - sifting through unrelated information in the logs will take more time to resolve your problem.
  2. Reproduce the problem - this will, hopefully, result in some helpful information in the log.
  3. Save the log: from Load Tester's Window menu, choose Preferences > Web Performance > Diagnostics. Then press the Save Logs... button to save the log to a file (e.g. on your Desktop).
  4. Attach the log file to the ticket: on the page for your ticket, start a reply and use the Attach a file link to attach the file. Add any additional information in your reply and press the Send button.

If the program crashes or hangs you can access the log file directly from the file system by navigation to your home directory->Web Performance->.metadata->.plugins->com.webperformance.util.   The log file is named "diagnostic.log".  Simply attach the file to the support ticket.