Licenses for Load Tester are all online, i.e. no downloading of an actual file.  These instructions will show you how to configure an account on the license manager and activate your license.

1. Create Portal Account

When you purchase Load Tester you will have received an email with a link to create an account.  If you already have an account please notify support on this ticket so you can be added to the users for your company.

2. Configure Load Tester for your Portal Login

Download and run the Load Tester installer from

Start the program and either type in your portal username and password in the startup dialog, OR use Help->Licenses to go to the portal account configuration dialog.

Click on the Portal Account tab in the left-hand column and enter your username and password, being sure to check them using Verify Button.

3. Activate Licenses

Click on Licenses tab in the left-hand column and click on the Check for Updates Button.   You can then select and activate your desired license by clicking on the Activate Button.  If the license is currently being used by someone else, they will need to deactivate the licenses first.  If you no longer have access to the computer where the license was activated you will need to contact support, being sure to tell them the name of the license key that needs to be deactivated.


4. Multiple Licenses

A single license is meant to be used by a single person.  While you can transfer licenses between computers, if you want two people to use Load Tester at the same time two licenses are required.